Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Time to wrap up!

It is time to wrap up our coverage of Season 2014 and move on.
While a few sabhas continue with dance and music concerts, the zing has fizzled out and people are back to daily life and music and dance on a good weekend!

Nalli Chinnaswamy Chetti hosted his annual high coffee party where awards were given too every artistes who was decorated with awards by various sabhas.

Many rasikas have made plans to head to the Thyagaraja aradhana at Thiruvaiyaru in Thanjavur since it falls this week, close to the season.

For us, the season did not seem too exciting. Rather, it seems to be sliding into a pedestrian routine save for some great concerts. Sabhas need to rethink and to present the season smartly.

Hope to see you all back in December 2015.

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