Thursday, 1 January 2015

No percussions please. T M Krishna in concert.

T M Krishna's morning concert at Krishna Gana Sabha on 23rd Dec. at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha was unique and as has now come to be expected, unpredictable. He had no percussion that day for his concert ( no kutcheris for him please ). No mridangam, no khanjira, no ghatam and no moharsing. Just he and his conscience keeper R K Sriram Kumar on the violin. And of course the thamburas. 

For someone who staunchly vouched for thanis during his erstwhile kutcheris, even asking rasikas stepping out for coffee breaks during thanis to sit back, it being an important constituent of kutcheris or so he used to announce, this was more than a huge surprise. 

But surprises have come to be part and parcel of TMKs concerts these days haven't they?. So what next ? Who knows violin could be the next victim, and it could well be TMK and TMK alone some day soon ! 

Sabhas should be the last ones to complain as he is helping them bring down the cost of accompanying artists, however small, having already denied them their legitimate dues to ticket his concerts, by insisting his concerts are to be free and free only. A ploy TMK has adopted for his concerts, ONLY during the Music Season for last three years. 

TMK's so-called innovations apparently have no limits ! 

- By N. Srikumar 

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