Friday, 27 November 2015

Cute moment at Gurucharan's concert . . .

This was a cute moment at Bhavan's auditorium this evening.

Vocalist Sikkil C. Gurucharan was in the middle of a Thyagaraja kriti when a boy who must have been about 8 years old walked down the main aisle, came right up to the front row where a few VIPs and Bhavan's honchos were seated, located a free seat and perched himself there.

He sat back to enjoy the rest of the song and when the next started, he pulled out a snack box from a bag he was carrying, opened it and began to pop in some dry food.

He kept snacking right through the song to the amusement of a few rasikas who caught the act. And then, in the middle of Gurucharan's next song, got up and doubled up the aisle and was gone.

Children are rarely seen at concerts.

At the Bhavan's festival opening evening, one of the guests on stage - Jayathasri Balakrishnan, a professor who teaches English Literature at a Coimbatore college and is a star Thamizh public speaker had one point to share - bring your kids to the concerts, let them to great music.

Timely suggestion.

But we don't see many teens at concerts. Though many artistes are nowadays people in their 20s.

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