Friday, 27 November 2015

Web site coaxes homestay registrations

The startups and online businesses are taking some interest in the December Season.

Today, Stayzilla, a web site which promises accommodation to travelers at competitive rates put out an advert asking owners of rooms, apartments or extra spaces to sign up so that these spaces could be booked by rasikas who seek such private accommodation.

Stayzilla says people who rent such spaces can not only play great hosts but also share experiences with like-minded people.

Outstation rasikas opt to stay in hotels, the favorite being Woodlands but some are keen to be with families who reside in the Mylapore area where most sabha halls are located.

But house owners have not been too open to the idea of homestay the way people in Kerala have -  when some efforts were made.

You can check out Stayzilla's site at  It also offers an app.

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