Thursday, 22 November 2012

Silks, panchangam calendars and Bombay rassa puri!

Kanchipuram silks and Ramraj veshtis. They line the people who make a festival's opening evening colourful. This is the case at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's first evening in Mylapore.

It is also an occasion to connect with some people.

Communications expert V S Ramana introduces us to the exhibition of panchangam calendars on the first floor of BVB. The show also displays the late S Rajam's works of art. Ramana is with L&T and the show and the art works on display have been funded by L&T.

K R Ramaswamy, the man who makes the BVB run is happy the launch has gone off well. A rasika with him wonders why only samosas and tea is being sold at a corner. He was looking for a canteen!
"When I get the best tiffin outside BVB why put up a canteen!" exclaims Ramaswamy.

Outside, the illuminated BVB building stands out in the dark November night. The Met man has promised a second spell of rains this monsoon season but the clouds haven't arrived; a drizzle is all we receive.

I keep my place at Karpagambal Mess and order for onion uthappam. The steward tempts us with Bombay rassa puri!

A board here provides a schedule of the deepam fest at Thiruvannamalai. Just days earlier the Soorasamharam spectacle had been staged on the mada veedhis here!

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