Wednesday, 28 November 2012

How about a December Season launch?

This is an idea that has done the rounds now and then.
But little attention is paid to it. At least, the enthusiasm to it is minimal.

One suggestion is that the Federation of Sabhas in Chennai could host it.
Another is that the state must play this role.

Perhaps, a snappy, grand event at a unique venue. A guest list that includes artistes, managers, sponsors, business honchos and others from the arts and film community. Also, reps of foreign missions here. And a nice buffet of 'tiffin'.

The Season has generated interest all on its own. It has never been seen as a key event with great tourism potential.

So when the city is hosting what is perhaps a unique, great music fest of the kind not seen in the world, many residents and tourists are ignorant of it.

What does it take for one corporate which funds a sabha and one creative team to do the simplest - design and pin posters and circulate small booklets on the December Season.

Anybody to take it from here?

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