Friday, 30 November 2012

Senior vidwans club . .

This was like an old boys club evening get-together. But you wouldn't want to blame it on them.
When a group of the senior most vidwans meet and half of them are guests on stage, you would expect the event to be less formal and easy going.

This is what happened at the launch of a music fest that percussionist Thiruvarur Bhaktavatsalam that opened this evening at Arkay Centre in Luz.

T N Krishnan always has anecdotes to share, now in his grandfatherly style though he needs some prompting. He shared a few and then let the formal get informal as the vidwans prompted and joked.

It was an evening to honour R Krishnaswamy, a senior sabha promoter who directs Narada Gana Sabha, a sabha which first started with events on the YMIA campus in Luz, not far from this evening's venue, a sabha which purchased land in an area in south Madras which was fields and scrub in Alwarpet and built the premises that it is today.

Good to watch was the pre-event concert - by Bhakatavatsalam's sishyas. They looked cute in their veshtis.

Going over  to Arkay also allowed me to slip into the Bombay Halwa House for a snack; their samosas are good. So are their chapatis and sabji. And the sweets. Drop in here is you are at Arkay for the season's concerts. And share your experience too!

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