Monday, 26 November 2012

Aruna Sairam at BVB; fringe notes

Reported by V. Vasantha. Photo by R Saravanan

Vocalist Aruna Sairam was to perform at the 6.45 pm slot at BVB on Nov.24. This was her first for the 'season'.

People started occupying the seats 4.30 pm onwards  At 5, pandit Janardan Mitta started his sitar concert.   The hall was almost full by then and the gates were closed.

At 6, there was a steady outflow of people to the washrooms.  The gatekeeper stopped them from going out saying the seat and re-entry were not guaranteed. But some took the risk. But this was indeed a tricky situation.

By 6.50 people settled down for Aruna, but the curtain got stuck and the artistes on the stage could be seen only partly. The mridangam and ghatam artistes started a gentle  thani to amuse the rasikas  while Aruna hummed a Kalyani note which she later handled as the main raga.  Once the curtain was fixed, the concert ran to a packed audience.

These free concerts can pose issues, especially when seniors contribute to the audience strength.

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