Monday, 17 November 2014

Welcome to Season 2014; the nip is in the air

It feels good to be back here as we at KutcheriBuzz begin our coverage of December Season 2014.

Chennai had its spell of pre-monsoon showers - the potholes on the roads got wider, the dust was in the air and the nights got a wee bit chill. The weather map does show indications of the monsoon and if this is delayed then December may well be a wet month.

If there is one prediction that we can make then we always expect a spell of rain on the day the curtains go up on the festival of Kartik Fine Arts!

It will be a chill December, at least by Chennai standards and so seniors will want to pull out their monkey caps, mufflers and light sweaters.

The temperatures in the mid 20s after dusk make for a pleasant experience in a  city where the standard daytime temperature is in the mid-30s.

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