Monday, 6 January 2014

Thanks to the KB Team. Belated but well-deserved wishes.

As editor of KutcheriBuzz I slipped badly as we bade goodbye to Season 2013.
I overlooked my duty to say thank you to my team.


R Revathi not only filed reports and profiled some young talents who may well make a mark in the years to come but also contributed ideas and shared inputs as she did her own rounds of the sabhas this season. Thanks to her.

To photographer R Saravanan who criss crossed the sabhas, though limited by resources and hurried by demanding deadlines.

Thanks also to desk-based techperson Parameshwaran; he kept posting the pictures, videos and stories that heaped on his desk across December.

To designer Prema who doubled at her desk at Mylapore Times to prepare the KB Season's Daily. Thanks.

To our printers, Copyaid and Ratna Offset our thanks for keeping to deadlines.

To Circulation Exec Kathiravan and his team; they made sure the Guides and Daily got to the sabhas on time. Thanks. And to other colleagues at our offices here.

Thanks to our clients as advertisers in print and online. Their support was crucial to the ideas.

To all our readers, a great community deserves our thanks too.

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