Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Kutcheri Schedules; this year they are out early

Chennai's sabhas are waking up slowly to the changing world of the performing arts and the people who indulge in it. Till about a year ago, most sabhas put out their December Season schedules in late November or as late as early December, just weeks before their music / dance tests would begin.

Times seem to have made some impact. This year, many sabhas issued their schedules as early as the first week of November. Those who are delaying it are the ones who still have trouble fixing the accompanists for some artistes or have some blanks in their dance concerts time table.

Sabhas need to realize that many rasikas from outside Chennai are keen to pick and choose the concerts they wish to attend, curate a schedule personally and book travel tickets and accommodation.

Little effort is made to attract tourists and others to the city and to its music/dance season. Sabhas seem to be still content with serving members and local rasikas.

Here are sabha schedules - http://www.kutcheribuzz.com/schedules-2014

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