Monday, 21 November 2016

First fest of 'season 2016' draws big audience

If The Music Academy is seen as the 'sabha' for the VIPs, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is considered to be the sabha of the common man.
The Bhavans' halls are more for Mylaporeans, since it is located in the neighborhood's backyard.
Rasikas are promised at least one programme daily.

So when the Bhavan's annual cultural festival got going on Sunday, launching in many ways the 2016 edition of the December Season, rasikas flooded the Bhavan's premises.

Not only was the main auditorium packed to the aisles, the lobby and the walkway to the main hall had to be packed with chairs and closed-circuit TVs. 
(Photo here shows Vishaka Hari at her Harikatha concert, the first at the Bhavan's fest )

The Bhavan does not ticket its programmes and since its festival features many popular, top-end artistes, a full house is guaranteed.

But the serious rasika dislikes a bad habit of the Mylaporean - walking in and out as he or she wishes, during a concert. Or chattering in the back rows, with neighborhood friends.

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