Friday, 15 November 2013

Required: halls for practice by outstation dancers

If you are looking for places to rehearse, a few people are offering them in the city. For, there is a demand for these.

Dancers from outside the city seek spaces to prime up before a recital. Spaces of dance academies are an option if they have friends here. Large drawing rooms of well wishers are also sought.

A couple of people offer their places on East Coast Road (ECR). A space in R A Puram which offers its halls for parties and meetings, also provides the hall for dance rehearsals.

Adyar Lakshman's sishyas from abroad find it convenient to use the ground floor hall in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar well fitted for practice.

Obviously, fringe facilities are on demand when this hugely spread 'season' is on in this city.

If you know of places that suit dance practice, do share the info here!

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