Tuesday, 12 November 2013

December Season slots can make or mar career of artistes

Where and when you perform during the December Season is key to a rising and established artiste's career.

So when The Music Academy invites a artiste to perform for the season but does not promote him or her to the next slot despite having performed for over a decade, the artiste calls for time to rethink.

Now artistes have begun to say ' no thank you' to the festival managers.

Artistes say that their movement is watched closely by festival hosts here and abroad and any cold treatment during the Season by leading sabhas can mar their performing career and impact on their professional fees.

Artistes would rather say 'no thank you' than keep getting slotted too much too long.

The Academy's calendar has to be read between the lines to get a sense of who is moving up and who is stuck and who is now a veteran vidwan! And who is out too.

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