Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The passing away of Jayalalithaa; sabhas cancel concerts, to retstart

Sabhas have suspended their concerts of the December Season following the death of J. Jayalalithaa, chief minister of Tamil Nadu, leader of the AIADMK political party and a leading politician in India.

Jayalalithaa who was unwell for over 70 days, lapsed into a serious condition at a city hospital on Sunday night and her death was announced on Monday night, The funeral took place on Tuesday.

The sabhas which had launched their festivals had to suspend concerts - Ramakrishnan Murthy had to stop abruptly at his concert on Monday at Narada Gana Sabha as TV channels said Jayalalithaa was 'dead', though there was no official word on her condition.

While Kartik Fine Arts is restarting its concerts on Wednesday evening - Sanjay Subrahmanyan has his first concert of Season 2016 this evening ( Dec. 7) - a few others will re start on Thursday/Friday.

The state is observing a three-day mourning.

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