Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dance recitals carry on, on Pongal eve

We are not very sure if this idea of tagging dance recitals and providing a platform to all young dancers after the real December Season is a great idea.
Yes, at local sabhas now banners are going up promoting the shows but peep inside and it is a sad story.

Since the door card says - Open to All - there is a small band of rasikas who may walk out on a whim.

We spotted Revathi Ramachandran doing a recce for her recital at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore this past week.

At Sri Kapali Temple in the same area, banners went up to promote the dance of the wellknown Odissi duo, Surupa and Bejayini from Nrityagram, Bangalore. The Reddys of the late Obul Reddy family who have upped the cash awards to all awardees at season time are the hosts of this special dance at the temple mantap on Saturday evening - great setting indeed in one of Chennai's great temples.

Dancer researcher Swarnamalya took time off to present her junior students at the annual Sundaram Finance sponsored Mylapore Festival (Jan.10 to 13 - - ) and then walked down the Food Street with friends to have a bite.

Yes, it really needs to be asked - how can the dances tagged to the season be made more focussed?

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